Stop it with the Nazi thing already.

No, really. Everything is NOT comparable to the attempted annihilation of an entire race and the ensuing World War that followed. Enough already. The offenderati are out in droves, and they can’t stop dragging out the cross (or swastika, as the case may be) and climbing up onto it. Everyone is being attacked by Nazis. The attackers are all on a par with Hitler.

Let me clue you in, kids. Unless you and your families are being forced to wear gold stars to identify you as an inferior being, then forced at gun point onto trains to internment camps where you will be starved and (eventually) killed in the most grisly manner possible?….you are not being attacked by Nazis. No. No, you’re not. And it is just incredibly arrogant and ignorant all at the same time of you to pretend that’s what’s happening here.

Penn and Teller jabbing the Catholic Church for half an hour does not make them Nazis, no matter what Bill Donohue may want to think.

Barack Obama? NOT Adolph Hitler incarnate just because he wants everyone in the entire country to be healthy.

Getting your little kid in on the act is not heart tugging, by the way. It’s sick and stupid. The kid doesn’t even know what a Nazi is, and you’re loading him up with a swastika protest sign. Way to go. Enjoy the therapy bills.

Enough, people! Stop with the Nazi/Hitler crap already. We get it. You don’t like that you lost the election. It sucks. You hate it. Trust me, I’ve been there all too many times. And yes, it was just as wrong when people inaccurately compared Bush to Hitler. That doesn’t mean you should do it. I feel like I’m addressing a bunch of 6th graders. “If Rush jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge would you?”

We get that you’re angry. But you’re hurting your country in the process of throwing these little temper tantrums. Because really, that’s what they are. Tantrums. Enough. Time to be reasonable. Time to recognize that you are not the sole moral voice or even necessarily the correct moral voice of the country. The voice of the right has for so long been that of incoherence and anger, it now knows no other way to express itself. And that’s too bad, because incoherence and anger are not the guiding forces that should be running the country. Ignorance and self serving machismo brought us to the point of collapse.

Time to grow up, people. Not getting your way does not make those you oppose Nazis. It doesn’t even make them wrong.


5 responses to “Stop it with the Nazi thing already.

  1. No, its not and it’s gone too far. Every time we invoke Hitler or the Third Reich for trivial malarky, we minimize the magnitude of their crimes.

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  3. Indeed. What happened during that awful time was a travesty, and should never be minimized for cheap political points.

    Thank you for the post, Sidney.

  4. There was a lot more to the Nazi regime then concentration camps which is what generally comes to mind when the average joe hears the word. The war didn’t start because of concentration camps which didn’t even exist at the start of the war. If I were to reference what is happening in congress today to Nazi Germany it would be in regards to the socailist/facist form of government that the Nazsi put in place that ALLOWED the creation of such things as concentration camps. In that light what is happening in Washington today contains strong undertones of the socialist/facist regime that the Nazis/Hitler put into place that lead up to the war and eventually the concentration camps.

  5. Hi, Dan, thanks for commenting.

    No, it isn’t anything like that at all. If that was the case, then why didn’t we start down the Socialist road long ago when we introduced Medicare? Or when we set up the FDIC? Or when we made it law that children have to go to federally funded schools instead of working?

    The “Socialist” rhetoric has been ratcheted up way too far. It’s incredibly off the mark. What’s being proposed in health care right now is not socialism. The private insurances will not go away. At most, they won’t be making roughly $8M/quarter in profits per insurer per state. Hardly socialism. More like an end to monopolies.

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