It’s Official. Rod Blagojevich Is Delusional.

Are you watching? Are you? It’s like watching a trainwreck. I can’t look away. He waits til the very last second of his impeachment trial and then actually expects to give a speech about getting a cup of coffee for the prior governor and what a great guy he is and how they HAVE to let him bring in witnesses…and expects it to WORK?

The man thinks he’s in a movie.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, from the sound of it. “I’m here to appeal to your sense of responsibility.” Um, Governor? Their sense of responsibility is WHY you are being impeached. “How can you ask a Governor to resign just for trying to help senior citizens?” Do you really believe that’s why you’re here? “I did that in my FIRST term! If it was impeachable, how come you didn’t impeach me then?” Yes, but you see, governor, it isn’t like a mulligan in a golf game. This isn’t a do-over, and your prior mess ups don’t get erased.

I’m transfixed. Truly, the amount of bullshit being slung is impressive. He isn’t even really addressing the charges of abuses of power. In fact, he’s refusing to move on from the  second article of impeachment, the charge regarding obtaining prescription drugs from Canada. He’s dropped every big political name in the Democratic party from Ted Kennedy to Bill Richardson to Rahm Emannuel. Not that it’s working. Many of the state legislators (when the camera cuts to them) actually look embarrassed on his behalf. I have to keep closing my mouth; it drops open on its own.

If he’s going to go article by article, it’s going to be a very long day. I’m not going to do the Blago impeachment drinking game. Alcohol poisoning kills.

8 responses to “It’s Official. Rod Blagojevich Is Delusional.

  1. Well, he realizes that Dems have no morals or scruples, so he’s hoping maybe they will stop posturing long enough to let him slide. Bubba showed him the way.

  2. leftcoastlibrul

    Hi, John Doe, thanks for the reply. After the last eight years, I’d say lack of morals and scruples pretty much reaches across the board, but this kind of crazy is just plain frightening. If Blago expects to pull off a Scooter Libby, he’s sadly mistaken.

  3. leftcoastlibrul

    Hi, Intellectual Redneck. Thanks for the comment.

    Rod Blagojevich epitomizes the worst of politics, period, and Illinois is better off without him. But with a partisan opinion like yours, I can certainly understand why you’ll miss him. Why try to make things better when blaming is so much easier?

  4. So Balgo was corrupt. Good to see corruption go. Sadly, there are tons of Balgos throughout our nation that continue to profit off the backs of hard working Americans. It really is a travesty anything someone uses their power to cheat the American people. I hope that anyone regardless of political party gets tossed out when they abuse their power for personal ends.

  5. leftcoastlibrul

    Hey, Dennis, thanks for the comment.

    Agreed: regardless of party affiliation, I think the American people have had it up to the teeth with the corruption. It’s time to start prosecuting.

  6. Charles Benedetti

    For those still asking “What was he thinking?” , the answer becomes evident in Blagojevich’s
    signature which reveals these character traits:
    Big Ego (vanity)
    Self deception
    Fear of Criticism
    Goal failures
    Irritation/ anger/ worry

    Charles Benedetti

  7. leftcoastlibrul

    Hi, Charles. Thank you for stopping by and lending an interesting perspective. What you’re describing sounds like a classic narcissist. You think maybe Blago’s sociopathic?

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