Education Doesn’t Make You Elitist, Dumbass. It Makes You Less Dumb.

And “elites” have not been “telling normal people how to run the country for long enough.” “Elites” haven’t run this country for a long, long time, “normal people” have. And they have run this country into the ground.

Now, I’m going to rant. You’re likely not going to like it, but I need to get it out of my system because reason and logic just aren’t working. So if you don’t want to read it, that’s fine, you’re not required. Just be forewarned, it’s about to get ugly.

Know what? I’ve had it. I’ve said for years, we should reach out to people and try to explain to them and listen to them, because they’re scared and if we just communicated, things would be different. But you bozos aren’t interested in midddle ground. You want to cradle your insecurities and your ignorance to your breasts and pretend you’re hard done by because someone else worked their ass off and put themselves through school and has more than you.

You want things you can’t pay for, like a big ass war where you can shoot all the evil brown people who believe in a different god than you and who are no more fundamentalist/extremist than you are, but you don’t see that because you go to a REAL church.  But you don’t want higher taxes, because it would just be wrong to have to pay for something you should get for free.

You want my kids to be taught some crack pot belief with no basis in scientific fact , and are insisting it be taught in science classes because you’re not capable of understanding the meaning of the word “theory.” Gravity is a theory, too, morons. It’s a scientifically proven THEORY. Just like “the earth rotates around the sun” and evo freakin lution. Evolution is not “Darwinism.” I get that you are so incredibly entrenched in your ignorance you refuse to accept that science is not a religion, but it’s true. Evolution is a part of SCIENCE. It’s a way with which we explain our PHYSICAL world! And Darwin was a scientist, not some heretical prophet of a “false religion.” They’re all false! And no, science does not, at some point, turn into “faith.”

You want your stupid, superstitious backward belief inflicted on the entire country despite the fact the country was specifically set up to NOT have that stupid, superstitious backward belief imposed on everyone in it. NO! I don’t care. I don’t care what the founding fathers believed in. I don’t care what they practiced in their private lives. When it comes to our government, we are SECULAR! Freaking deal with it.

Enough, already. I am tired of being told that my degree in nursing automatically makes me a part of some out of touch tower dwelling race that doesn’t know what’s going on in the “real world.” Screw you. I live in the real world every damn day. I care for people who probably can’t afford the medical bills, but don’t have any choice but to get help. I see teenage girls who are totally clueless about what’s in store for them because their parents won’t teach them anything about sexuality beyond “don’t do it,” and are scared and worried and asking me what to do, even though I cannot make their decision for them. I see small children who, were it not for funding that assholes like YOU want to cut, wouldn’t be getting the immunizations I give them. I see women who, til a couple years ago, had never even heard the letters “HPV” put together as a disease, and are now terrified for themselves and their daughters. But by all means, let’s not do any research on those vaccines or insist that insurance companies cover them, because instead of preventing every single type of cancer women contract, it only prevents a little over half, and that’s just not good enough.

How dare you sit there and pretend superiority over the very people who actually have a hope in hell of FIXING this damn huge hole we’re in the middle of? You would really rather sit there and let the entire country go to hell, just so you can say “your guy” got over on the “elitist libruls.” You. Moron. There are no words for how stupid you are. That you refuse to educate yourself on the facts and are more than happy to accept something some guy on the internet heard from his sister’s boyfriend’s best friend instead just shows how completely unworthy you are of something as precious as a say in our government. I sincerely wish there was a better form of government than representative democracy (HINT, DOOFUS! REPRESENTATIVE democracy! That means someone represents a group of people. Different from a warm body democracy. Read a book, dammit!), but currently it’s the best thing we have going. If only what was being represented wasn’t stupidity, greed, xenophobia, racism and willful ignorance.

5 responses to “Education Doesn’t Make You Elitist, Dumbass. It Makes You Less Dumb.

  1. @LCL: Are you certain you are not xenophobic! BTW thanks for the new word of the day.
    Evolution definition: from the goo to you by way of the zoo!
    Evolution is not a science its a theory. They have not and cannot prove that mankind evolved from monkeys. There is not just one missing link, there’s a bunch of missing links. Where’s the intermediaate sub spieces? There is nothing in the fossil record to indicate let alone prove the theory of evolution. Furthermore, it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in creation.

    Man has intelligence therefore we have an intelligent designer. God

    My guess is that you have been burned by religion.

  2. leftcoastlibrul

    😛 Am fairly sure I’m not afraid of people of other nations, and I’m not an isolationist, so, no…. not xenophobic.

    Thank you for proving my point re: theories. Evolution is NOT a science, correct. It IS a theory, correct. It is a scientifically proven theory. And because it is a scientifically proven theory, it does not require faith. Facts don’t need faith. That’s why they’re facts.

    There are so many intermediate subspecies it would take all day to list them all. At one point, there were between 12 & 19 species of human! In addition, we are finding that humans share DNA with more and more species, including sharks, mice and even bats. To say that fossil records are all we have to go by is to ignore what is quite possibly the most important scientific undertaking in human history… the Human Genome Project. It is without a doubt the most sweeping and amazing research project we have ever performed to date, and the things we’re learning thanks to that research are absolutely mind boggling.

    I didn’t get burned by religion. I outgrew it.

  3. Here’s a story that has me scratching my head Link

  4. leftcoastlibrul

    Huh. It sounds somewhat like Deism. And my sweetheart went through a phase like this on his way to atheism. He still believed (and believes now, to some extent) that the morals taught within the church were good ones, that people needed the social structure that churches provide….just didn’t believe in god anymore. Nor does he think most “Christians” follow Christian doctrine anymore. Leaving the seminary was very difficult for him; it took a good two years of soul searching, even though he no longer believed in god.

  5. Yeah, I hear that cry of “Elitist” quite a bit from the Right. Same as “The Liberal Media.”
    Maybe that’s because in order to become a journalist, you actually have to have an education. As soon as you get out of Podunk, Kansas, or Wasilla, Alaska, you realize there are people just a little different from yourself. That’s what a “liberal education” means. Good posts, thanks

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