It Isn’t About Leadership. It’s About Perception.

I’ve spent the past 15 hours or so, when not sleeping, watching the talking heads. I’ve even tuned in to Fox news just to make sure their eyeballs haven’t exploded trying to work their poor abused heads around the idea that capitalism is what got us into this mess. Rest assured; Fox News has learned nothing from the current crisis.

It’s been an instructive 15 hours (aside from the sleeping bit).  The pundits all seem to be focusing on

a. Whether or not “The Bailout* ” is a good thing and

b. Whether John McCain rushing back to Washington and suspending his campaign is a gambit or concern.

None of them seem to be able to answer A, and the jury is hung on B. Only one person, The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, got it right. Last night while discussing the move by McCain to suspend his campaign and the debate, Chris said “Anyone who thinks that anything a candidate does this close to an election isn’t about politics, doesn’t know much about politics.” And the truth shall set you free.

Don’t think it’s true? Well, let’s take a look at what’s being said by the McCain camp. This morning, John McCain’s spokeswoman Nicole Wallace actually sidestepped the question to both Joe Scarborough and Matt Lauer. She told Scarborough “Is that what you thought? I think the American people will remember the bipartisan message coming from both candidates.” Really, Ms Wallace? Is that why John McCain rushed out to make the first statement? So that everyone would remember the joint statement that came later? Way to underestimate the intelligence of the American people. The reason for that was fairly transparent, and we all know it. It was politics, pure and simple. Ms. Wallace’s remarks to Matt Lauer here. In both cases, she seems reluctant to actually answer the question put to her, namely: “If the joint message about fixing the problem was what was important, what was your guy doing if it wasn’t upstaging?” I’m more than a little annoyed that two seasoned journalists were unable to force an answer to that question and let it go at a ridiculous hand waving justification.

Neither Sen. McCain nor Sen. Obama are part of the committee attempting to solve this economic crisis. At this point, the Repugs are dragging their feet against passing anything in order to correct the situation, and there’s no foreseeable solution. If no one blinks, what then? We put the election on hold, too?

Sen. Jim Demint just said that “new thinking” is needed on the issue, and he “trusts the free market.” Okay, Sen. Demint; isn’t that WHAT GOT US INTO THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?!  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said infusing presidential politics in the situation will only muddy the waters. Chuck Hagel said last night that everyone in Washington knows the meetings in the Oval Office isn’t where the work gets done; it’s the breakaway meetings AFTER those meetings that actually accomplishes something.

Which leads us right back to: Why the hell are we ONLY focusing on this crisis? We also have TWOT (the war on terror) going on. Should we put government on hold until Sen. McCain comes up with a solution for that as well? And….WHO has a messiah complex again, please?

Ladies and gentlemen, let us buy a clue, if necessary. We cannot simply keep putting things on hold because something comes up. We deserve to know who will be leading us, regardless of which candidate is chosen. It IS our country, after all. We’re the ones making the decision. We deserve to have all the data we can get before we make what may well be the most important choice of our lives.

Senator McCain, step up. Heroes do not run from a challenge, sir.

*I think it’s deserving of Caps. In 75 years, school kids are going to learn about the Great Globalization Crisis of ’08. They’re gonna want to know why we were so stoopid.


5 responses to “It Isn’t About Leadership. It’s About Perception.

  1. Well, the simple truth is that Obama has been burning up the phone lines talking to everyone from Henry Paulson to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd practically nonstop for a freakin’ week. He got the Dems to hold off on the controversial bankruptcy mediation issue so they could close ranks and get the deal done. Then, he made that idiotic call to McCain, asking to get a bipartisan statement out there before the Dodd bill went to a vote.
    THEN, McCain came up with his brilliant idea of suspending his campaign. This deal might have been signed into law by around 4:00 this afternoon if not for McCain’s antics.
    But the freakin’ Maverick is putting country first…

  2. McCain is right in suspending the campaign trail. Obama should be doing the same.
    The Democrats lead this country to this financil crisis which has very deep seeded roots in past practices of former President Clinton. He signed a bill which mandated banks to provide loans to people that could not afford to pay for them. The banks then offered adjustable rate mortgages, (ARM’s) to the unqualified buyers to conform with the ‘Law’ passed by Congress.
    The tax hikes, passed during the Clinton administration brought to a halt a booming economy. But now everyone tries to blame “W”. I’ll admit “W” sould have done better here in America, but he had to handle 911 terror attack because Clinton dismantled our military, which is what Obama said he will do if he is elected. God help us of he is elected!

  3. Hey, Kurt. Dude. Ease up on the nihilism. We still have the edge.

    beartracks, c’mon. REALLY? Clinton? That’s the best you can do? Clinton did not invent this financial crisis. When Clinton left office, there was a $200B surplus. Not to mention…. the Dems weren’t in control of the Congress when Clinton was in office. The Republicans were. Remember? Newt Gingrich? Contract with America?
    Over the past thirty years, the Dems have controlled congress for precisely SIX of those years. Now, you tell me how John McCain, a man neck deep in the Keating 5 and PUSHED deregulation back in 1999 and got it rubber stamped by the first chimp in 2000 is anything but pandering.

    Incidentally: The REPUBLICAN congress that was presiding during the Clinton presidency is also the congress that proposed military cuts.

  4. There can’t be a $200B surplus when there was a $6+Trillion deficit. What’s that voodoo economics all over again? The Great Society attempt failed and as did the build up of our defense created a hugh deficit.
    Personally I wish this country would return to pre-income tax status where we had a balanced budget and the government could not overspend. Life was so much simpler then. That is without the racism and with equal rights for all.

  5. What on earth are you talking about? Were you even old enough to vote when Clinton left office? Are you getting this “It’s all Clinton’s fault!” thing from your parents? There was no budget deficit when Clinton left office. You are aware that the national debt is a completely separate thing from the federal budget, yes? Here, look at CNN’s story from September of 2000. Or Wikipedia. Or the federal government.

    Or do you actually STILL believe the crap Karl Rove was spreading?

    We have spent billions of dollars a month in a country with an economic surplus to win a principle based on a lie. We have built a brand new country at the detriment of our own.

    Supply side economics DOES. NOT. WORK. It didn’t work when Ford did it. It didn’t work when St. Ronnie Ray Guns did it, it didn’t work when Bush Sr. did it, it hasn’t worked for the past 8 years.

    Had the principles Clinton and the Republican congress agreed to been continued, we would have seen close to a $1T windfall. But no. Republicans keep falling for Ayn Rand’s trickle down dream.

    Enough of the “common man” being in charge. Y’all don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re ruining my country in the process of trying to figure it out.

    We are never going back to pre-income tax. Every single generation, for some reason, says “we need to go back to XXXX, it was a simpler time then….” Yes, it was a simpler time. In which we had children working 12 hour shifts instead of going to school. In which there was no global economy.

    The past is the past, and we always look at it with rose colored glasses. We always seem to forget just how bad things were. The fifties was NOT a time when everything was idyllic and everyone was happy. If the fifties were so fantastic, we never would’ve had what we had in the 60’s.

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