McCain Calls for Suspense of Debate; Concern or Calculated Ploy?

So, once again, I’m sitting here watching MSNBC, and they’re talking about how Barack Obama now has a 9% lead in the polls over John McCain. And as they say it, they receive a notice saying that John McCain now wants to put the debate on hold until the crisis is solved, and Barack Obama needs to “come back to Washington to help fix it.”

I must say, it was a brilliant stroke. McCain has been looking for a way to stop the bleeding and get back in front since this crisis broke. I watched Sen. McCain, and am now watching Sen. Obama, who is saying that Sen. Tom Colvin suggested to both candidates that they reach out to each other and make a joint statement. Which I find interesting. He’s now going over his four point demands for the bill, which include that Wall Street execs not get “golden parachutes” for their reckless greed.

Both men seem to be earnest in their sincerity. My question is: How much of it is pandering, and how much is honest concern for making sure this issue gets solved?

Post speeches edit: I think it’s interesting to note that Sen. McCain did not open the floor to any questions whatsoever, and when Sen. Obama opened for questions and was asked about the debate, he said “I think it’s important that we go on with it….the next president is going to have to be able to do more than one thing, and it’s important for the American people to see that.”

3 responses to “McCain Calls for Suspense of Debate; Concern or Calculated Ploy?

  1. Given McCain’s history…..I simply see him as an opportinuist…someone who is trying to avoid his eventual fate. “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should”…yes the man who said this is going to Washington to save the day……If you believe that, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you.

  2. Hi, woodLawn. Thanks for the comment.

    I fear you may well be right. The fact that he (according to Sen. Obama) waffled about a joint statement, then rushed out to make a statement on his own doesn’t speak very highly as to his motivations.

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