Michelle Obama and the Separatist Movement of Illinois

It’s interesting how certain things affect our consciousness, isn’t it? The wife of a prominent politician of the Democratic party, and a separatist organization bent on political and physical secession of their state from the union. Chances are, if you’re thinking about this and you support Obama, you don’t believe the two have any relationship whatsoever. Chances are, if you support “anyone BUT” Obama, you’re now desperately hoping they do.

Let me relieve you all of your suspense. There is no such relationship. To my knowledge, there is no such group in Illinois. Why did I bring up such an inflammatory subject? As a thought experiment. Allow me to explain.

In another blog entry, I explained that we are all, whether we like it or not, in some small way…bigoted. We all harbor negative feelings of “the other.” Whether it’s racism, sexism, homophobia, nationalism, religion…. we all have those feelings and thoughts, and we all respond to them either consciously or unconsciously. It’s an evolutionary tool called “tribalism.” Anyone not of our tribe is initially feared, rejected. Recognizing that, questioning it and being honest with ourselves about its existence goes a long way toward eliminating it. But people KNOW racism/sexism/etc. are bad, so their first knee jerk reaction is “NOT ME!!” To which I reply: “everyone.”

Sorry. I’m keeping you waiting. I have been flummoxed of late. People who claim to love this country to the point of fighting for it, waving flags for it, sacrificing for it, and loathing those who say a word against it….are embracing a candidate whose spouse was, until very recently, part of a fringe political organization whose purpose was the physical secession of their state from the union. No, it was not Michelle Obama. Nor was it Cindy McCain. It was Todd Palin, and up until 2002, he belonged to Alaska’s separatist movement. You are now having a reaction to that. Depending on several things, you are outraged, chagrined, defensive, or exasperated (because you’ve heard it to death).

And if you’re exasperated because you’ve heard it to death… can you then explain to me why…back up there when you so hopefully clicked open this blog entry…you WANTED to believe the same about Michelle Obama? And why it would not, regardless of reasons, been okay for her to have done the same? If it isn’t racism…so be it. But it’s at the very least “other,” under the header “liberal.” And that’s at least as bad, because you just torpedoed your own ethics and principles and justified them away for a candidate you know next to nothing about. All to make sure a “liberal” doesn’t win.

Ethics and personal principles shouldn’t be that easily sold to any political party.

5 responses to “Michelle Obama and the Separatist Movement of Illinois

  1. If I went against someone who lives in Hempstead, NY, I would be going against my “tribe”, since that someone lives in the same county in New York State where I live. People here of the same tribe 400 years ago lived relatively close to each other.

    Likewise, if I went against someone who lives in Brooklyn, NY, I would be going against my tribe, since that someone doesn’t live in my same county, but does live, after all, on my same island (Long Island). Again, 400 years ago, people of the Canarsee tribe and people of the Massapequa tribe would have been related, as they are both Metoac tribes.

    But how can anyone who neither lives in my county, nor in any county on Long Island, and who wishes to move to Washington, DC to top it off, ever be part of my same tribe? That person is about as much part of my tribe as someone living in London! It is interesting to note that 400 years ago those of the Canarsee tribe either paid taxes to the Mohawk (in the form of wampum), or they got slaughtered. Things haven’t changed much since then, except that this land is now full of phony tribes, where the Canarsee are supposed to show allegiance to the Mohawk, who treat them like slaves, but not show any feelings to the Massapequa, who are actually related to them.

    It wouldn’t even matter if the guy running for the presidency was as white as I am, and his parents even came from the same province in Italy my parents came from. The candidate would still be an alien to me, especially so if the guy doesn’t even speak a word of Italian. Maybe McCain speaks a little Spanish, but so do a lot of other people I know who like to eat lasagna, but don’t necessarily like making lasagna. As an Italian would put it, he’s not a “paesano” (town person) of mine.

    So there is no logic to either McCain or Obama being part of my tribe, quite frankly, and racism has absolutely nothing to do with it. You can rub it in my face all you want, but the truth is I hate just about anybody from Washington, DC, as he/she is patriotic, while I am matriotic. I care about the ground under my feet, not the ground next to the Potomac River.

    Most people are normally like me too, Sir, unless they are completely brainwashed by a national school system which promotes love of Washington, DC citizenship, but absolutely no love for one’s county, island, or city, absolutely no love, in other words, for one’s real neighbors, and too much love for what is in effect a bloody foreigner, usurper, and imperialist.

  2. Since I have not read Michelle’s undergraduate thesis, I’m not able to comment on its content. I can, however, only say that my world view in 1974 when a senior in college are vastly different than they were some 20 years later. Times change, thoughts change, experiences result in change. Perhaps Todd’s view of his world also changed in light of the political aspirations of his wife.

  3. Cesidio; thanks for stopping by and proving my statement about justifications. Incidentally; I’m not a sir. Am very much female. It would be interesting to take your assumption of my gender and apply it to this discussion…

    Hi, SjP;
    I would agree with that to an extent. But I would also point out that
    a) This is not something Todd Palin was doing 20 years ago; this was something he did up until his wife ran for public office 5 years ago. It hardly follows that he no longer has the same sympathies. And
    b) human beings do not (sadly) make their decisions based entirely on logic; a good deal of it includes emotion. And while emotive reasoning serves fairly well in decision making most of the time, emotion tends to lie and tell us what we want to hear. For example….I would posit that you would be among the minority in your opinion of Michelle’s political leanings at any age; especially when it’s considered that a major news source called a fist-bump a “terrorist fist bump,” and no end of “informed voters” ran with that.

  4. Excellent Weblog! Actually, the minute I saw it, I knew what it was. I was researching Todd Palin and the Alaskan Seperatist Movement.

    When we are young we have the passions of youth on on side. As a WHITE, heterosexual, WOMAN in my FIFTIES, I can look back and remember the thoughts, ideas and goals I had as a younger woman. I grew up in the South, observed the changes throughout the years and have seen how some things never change.

    Todd Palin, for whatever reasons, made a choice as a younger man to join an organization with radical ideas and devoted to seperating itself from the United States of America. He stayed IN that organization until his wife’s Political Career CONTINUED further than expected. It was not because of a change of heart or attitude – it was simply to satisfy a political agenda to further his wife’s career.

    For THAT reason – the fact “the first Dude” was not a young man with the reasonings ‘incidential to youth’ – I find it extremely alarming and beyond comparrison to any paper Michelle Obama would have written as a College student. These acts are willful and near to treason and sedition.

    Once, his wife was elected to the Governor’s Office his power increased to one unheard of: sitting in on official meetings, listed on official emails, etc. THAT alone is a breach of the highest sort and should alarm each and every citizen.

    I applaud you for your insight and blogging courage. Keep up the good work!

  5. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier but WOW, thank you! šŸ™‚

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