de Rothschild Calls Obama Elitist, Requires Clue by Four to Remove Foot From Mouth

Did you hear the one about the fabulously wealthy woman  who’s never worked a day in her life and the US Senator raised by blue collar grandparents who got into college on a scholarship? She says he’s elitist.

Yeah, I know. I did the little jaw-drop-slight-puzzled-smile-confused-look, too. But she’s serious. Apparently Lynn For….oh, excuse me. LADY Lynn Forester de Rothschild, wife of British financier* and one of the wealthiest men in the world Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild.  But hey. You can tell by the names! They’re ordinary people, just like you and me, right?  I mean, I’m sure that when she’s jetting back and forth between New York and London, Lady Lynn is probably slummin’ it back in coach with her peeps.  What’s that? She doesn’t fly commercial? Oh. She probably uses the private jet because she feels bad, what the classist, elitist thing between first class and coach.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Aparently Lady Lynn feels Barack Obama is elitist. And so are the rest of us, the media included:

Rothschild revived the elitism argument Wednesday, this time aiming her barbs at Blitzer.

When the host asked if she was getting “grief” from Democrats displeased by her endorsement, Lady Rothschild got annoyed.

“I’m getting it all the time, particularly from the likes of you, the liberal elite,” she quipped. “You’re the elite, not me.”

Okay, I think the McCain campaign is stretching juuuuuuuuuust a tad, here. They are trying really, REALLY hard to make the elitist tag stick, but it isn’t working. It must be so frustrating. What’s happened since 2004, when the candidate with all the houses and the loud mouthed, creepy looking heiress wife…… ohhhhh. Okay, yeah.  And I guess getting people like Lynnie D (I can call her that. She’s just people.) to point and say “elitist” doesn’t really help, does it?

There are others who now say “well, elitism isn’t about how much money you have. It’s about your attitude toward ‘normal’ folks.” Okay. Let’s look at attitudes toward “normal” folks who are using the ‘elitist’ smear.

Pat Robertson was born into a wealthy political family, and has frequently guested on MSNBC. He’s dispensed such wisdom to “normal folks” as:

“I’d like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don’t turn to God, you just rejected him from your city. And don’t wonder why he hasn’t helped you when problems begin, if they begin. I’m not saying they will, but if they do, just remember, you just voted God out of your city. And if that’s the case, don’t ask for his help because he might not be there.” ~ Pat throwing a fit after Dover, PA booted their school board which attempted to install ID in the classroom.

“Well, I totally concur.” –Pat Robertson to Jerry Falwell following the Sept. 11 attacks, after Falwell said, “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way — all of them who have tried to secularize America — I point the finger in their face and say: “You helped this happen.”

Pat’s a real down to earth kind of guy, isn’t he? Then there’s ol’ Fart Fa…er.. Blossom himself, Karl Rove. Here’s what Karl, friend of the everyman, has to say about ‘normal’ people:

When Senator Chuck Grassley tried to rewrite Mr. Bush’s 1.7 trillion dollar tax cut to include six billion in tax credits for [faith based] groups helping the poor — tax credits that Mr. Bush himself had publicly proposed — Kuo says Bush’s assistant [Rove] told Grassley to drop the charity tax credits. The White House had no interest.

That the “Christian” right still eats up the crap that spews from this man’s mouth is beyond me.

Admit it. You don’t dislike Obama because he’s “elitist” and “talks above” you. It wouldn’t matter if he talked “like normal people,” it DOESN’T matter that he’s worked his way up from blue collar on his own, nothing he does or says will change your mind. And it has nothing to do with “elitism.” I’d have a lot more respect for people using that term if they were honest. The plain fact is: Barack Obama is whip smart. Smarter than a whole lot of people in this country. And those people, as a general rule, don’t like the smart kid in the room. Think about it. Who usually gets the snot beat out of them in school? It isn’t the dummy. It isn’t the “normal” people. It’s the smart kid. Because smart kids make “normal” people feel insecure. Thing is? We NEED smart people right now.

You feel insecure because Obama’s smarter than you? Whose fault is it that you watch American Idol and drink beer while he studied his brains out? Hint: Not his.

*financier is a not-at-all elitist term for banker who grew up playing polo and driving expensive sports cars.

7 responses to “de Rothschild Calls Obama Elitist, Requires Clue by Four to Remove Foot From Mouth

  1. The endorsement by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild will be among McCain’s most valued. Here’s why.

  2. Burr Deming;’
    Thanks for the comment. Of course people who like Lady Lynn’s endorsement of McCain are flocking. They’re the ones with ALL THE MONEY. Y’know? The ones who stand the most to lose, should Obama become president.

    I’m not sure the current economic crisis is going to do a whole lot to help McCain, considering his gaffes regarding the “strength of our economic fundamentals.” People aren’t real happy with the uber rich who’ve gotten everything they wanted while everyone else’s worth went down the past eight years.

  3. OK, first let me say, I am a staunch Democrat and I fear for this country should McCain get elected HOWEVER, I’ve done business with Lady de Rothschild many times over the years (over the phone only) and have even met her children on several occasions (who are lovely, by the way.) I feel I must come to her defense: First, she is by no means a born-rich woman who “never worked a day in her life.” She is a graduate of Columbia Law School. She was a very successful telecommunications entrepreneur. If you read her bio anywhere, you will see that she is a smart, savvy businesswoman. True, she married a billionaire but it’s not as if she was some dumb bimbo gold-digger. She was already quite successful and relatively wealthy in her own right. And given the little I know about Baron de Rothschild, I seriously doubt a man of his caliber he would marry an empty-headed bimbo! (He’s not John McCain, after all!!)

    Although Lady deR is extraordinarily wealthy and does have a staff, generally whenever she’s needed to use my company’s services, she has called me, personally, to arrange things (I have a party entertainment/telegram company in NYC), referring to herself always as Lynn, NEVER saying “This is Lady de Rothschild.” She has never talked down to me or acted in a condescending way EVER. I have met other members of the Rothschild family over the years, and they have ALL been totally lovely, down to earth and not at all snobbish. (I suppose they have been rich for so long, they don’t have anything to prove.

    SO… I can tell you from my own personal experience, Lynn de Rothschild is NOT not a snob. At least she never was to me (and who am I to her, after all?)

    And while I don’t agree with her current choice of presidential candidate, she has the right — as do we all — to choose for ourselves and support the candidate of our choice in whatever way we sit fit. If she’s “uncomfortable” with Obama, perhaps it’s because of his lack of experience. (Though I support him now, I initially was more a fan of Hillary because I had the same questions about him.)

    In terms of what is “elitist?” According to the dictionary, elite means:
    “a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.”

    So, if you mean that Obama is intellectually superior than John McCain and most of his supporters, well, then yeah. I’ll give you that. And thank God for it! Haven’t we had enough morons running this country???

    If you mean he has superior social or economic status? Well, for someone like John McCain — privileged son and grandson admirals; 9 homes, 13 cars — to call someone like Obama “elite” meaning “snobbishly upper class” well, that’s just plain ridiculous.

  4. Adrienne;
    Thank you for your lovely comment.

    I did indeed mean that Barack Obama is intellectually superior to John McCain. Indeed, I agree that we need someone of that calibre in office; 8 years of “someone you can have a beer with” has left me weeping for my country.

    However. I’m fairly certain I did not call Lady de Rothschild either a bimbo or stupid. I’m quite certain she would not have been able to manage her businesses nearly as well as she did were she other than intelligent. And while she is, indeed, entitled to her opinion (and who isn’t?), she is also responsible for what she does and says, as are we all. Public opinions are open to public scrutiny, no? Because if we stop questioning public opinion for fear of offending….well, then we get such ridiculous assertions as “you don’t support the troops!” And so on.

    You see, I am not impugning Mrs. De Rothschild’s intelligence, nor her ability to do business (although something tells me the money for those telecom businesses didn’t come from her scrimping and saving during her college years); merely pointing out the irony inherent in her statement.

    I will say, however, that I’m not sure she’s being entirely honest in that statement. I can think of at least two reasons she may have switched allegiances to Sen. McCain. Since you vouch so fulsomely for her character, I won’t translate “elitist” into “uppity,” along with the rather ugly racial connotations that word implies. However… Hm. Telecom businesses….remind me…what committee does John McCain head again…..?

  5. I am merely referrring to the lede on this story: “Did you hear the one about the fabulously wealthy woman who’s never worked a day in her life …” and also “well, elitism isn’t about how much money you have. It’s about your attitude toward ‘normal’ folks.”

    So, in that, I did want to come to L de R’s defense. I’m not saying she’s “one of the girls” — I doubt she’d want to join a mah johng game with me — but for a person of her wealth and influence, I personally found her and her family to be quite down to earth. They’re not my friends…I don’t deal with them often…but on the occasions I do (maybe once a year), she/they have been lovely.

    No, her personal fortune most likely didn’t come from “scrimping and saving” during her college years, but then, whose fortune has? That’s what venture capitalists are for! But they don’t give money to just anyone, so she must have been good at what she did/does.

    As for her politics, again, I disagree whole-heartedly with her support of McCain. He and Palin are a disaster in the making!

    Here’s what I think is going to happen: Unless Obama wins by a HUGE landslide, the Evil Overlords of the GOP will somehow steal the election as they have the last two times. We’ve seen how easy it was for them! Why shouldn’t they try it again?

    In some circles, McCain is called a “maverick.” I say he has a pathological aversion to authority.

    It must really piss him off (and we know he’s an ANGRY guy!) that he both has to suck up to the Bush admin while at the same time, being dragged down by his association with them…especially after how they raked him over the coals in 2000. He does not like being handled. You can see he is NOT a happy camper.

    I have this sneaking suspicion that he’s actually trying to LOSE. Yeah. I think he’s finally realizing that being president doesn’t mean he’s the Big Boss — he’s still going to have to answer and suck up to the very people who’ve screwed him over and publicly denounced him from GOP. I don’t know if Palin was really his choice or if she was forced upon him, in lieu of Joe Lieberman… in any case, it must also annoy the hell out of him that SHE’S getting all the “love” from the GOP base who still shows him no respect. (He cannot have been in Washington for as long as he has and think, for one second, that she’s actually qualified!) On top of that, he actually has to go up against the extremely popular Obama — that “no nothing, N— uppity upstart intellectual elitist from Illinois” (that’s what I think HE”S thinking…not what I think!) And finally, I think the realization that he may not have the energy or the stamina or abilities he once did is finally dawning on him.

    So, he makes up some bogus excuse not to go to the debate. (Afraid of Obama? Trying to dis him? Trying to throw the election in a subtle way? Who knows…) But then The Dark Lord (aka Cheney) postpones his trip to Mexico to have a little chat with Johnny Boy. We can only imagine what was said, but I am guessing it was something like this: “You get your ass to that debate and you act presidential! I have a lot of investments in Iraq and my friends and I cannot afford to have that liberal in the White House… We need that war. We need a war with Iran…” You get the drift.

    So, McC does go to the debate…and he puts on his best face .. but you can see and feel, how very pissed he is. He’s an angry angry man. It’s all closing in on him and for someone who bristles at being told what to do, being told what to do from all sides must be infuriating!

    I think, if the GOP can finagle the votes to win again, and he becomes pres, it won’t be long before he dies of “natural causes.” He’d be just too ornery for Cheney and his ilk (rich oil men, Halliburton, etc) to control

    Palin on the throne would be ideal for them: the perfect idiot puppet. She’s already so out of her league, all she can do is regurgitate their talking points. She’d be so easy to manipulate and control if she were in office. My God, the woman can’t even think for herself. If she could just move her mouth and someone else would do the actual speaking , she’d probably be relieved!

    THAT is my fear… and I don’t think I’m paranoid to think it. I put NOTHING past that crew!

  6. No, I don’t think you’re at all paranoid. In fact, I think you’re likely close to dead on.

    I do think the man has changed. In 2000, I genuinely admired and respected him. What Karl Rove did….was just hideous. It still stuns me that he would actually now turn around and invite Rove onto his campaign.

    IS he trying to lose? Hm. I don’t think so…. but then….I may well be wrong. Because let’s face it… this isn’t what John McCain wants. He doesn’t want to be “the next Bush presidency.” But it’s almost a foregone conclusion….that’s what it would be.

  7. well, if he’s not consciously TRYING to lose, perhaps is (not-very) subconscious. It sure seems the wind is out of his sails. He almost doesn’t seem to care if he wins or loses. If he wins, it’s a Pyrrhic victory. If he loses, I think he would actually find it a relief.

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