McCain Lies at 54 and Counting….

A rather industrious website has sprung up called “McCainpedia.” It has a fact checker showing how many lies and distortions John McCain has told about himself, his running mate, and Barack Obama. It’s currently at 54. When it reaches his age, should we throw a party?

3 responses to “McCain Lies at 54 and Counting….

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  2. The genesis of Barack Obama’s slide in recent polls is debatable, but the numbers are not. Is it the Palin effect? A post-convention GOP bounce? The barrage of misleading ads like “Education,” that claimed Obama’s one accomplishment in education was that he voted for sex ed for kids? Or perhaps it’s because of the focus over distractions like “lipstick on a pig.” Whatever the attribution, 50 days from the election, Obama is inserting some urgency in his plea to voters.

    Barack Obama’s slide in recent polls was unexpected to him, how could he be prepared and adequately respond to John McCain’s swiping his lead by appointing Governor Palin as his running mate?

    Change isn’t about slogans, it’s about substance. If Obama could not handle this how can he handle the presidency next? Clearly he cannot.

  3. Change is not about slogans, but politics is about perception. The recent McCain surge is ALL about Sarah Palin. Since the RNC, she’s all we’ve heard about. John McCain has been challenged on next to nothing; it’s been all Palin all the time. Time for that to change. This election isn’t about Sarah Palin, much as she and Karl Rove and John McCain would like it to be. It’s about issues.

    You can’t institute change if you do everything the exact same way as it’s been done the past 8 years.

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