Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids.

At least….they did according to Vince Fenech, director of Mosta Academy* in Malta. Mr. Fenech is responsible for the education of young minds, aged 4 to 18; something that should cause any parent with a shred of awareness and common sense to cringe and thank the First Amendment that, at least for right now, this nonsense is not being taught in American public schools.

My question (and perhaps I’m being nitpicky in asking) is how the hell do people like this become educators?! No, really. I know teachers are in demand, but how hard up does one have to be to graduate and license a fundamentalist nutjob who is so far out of touch with scientifically proven data, they are actually misinforming who knows how many children to the point that those kids will find it difficult to function in normal society? I mean….what thoughts go through the heads of parents who enroll their children in places like this? “Gee, if I enroll my kids here, they probably won’t ever be able to get accepted to an accredited college, but that’s okay! The world needs janitors, too.”

Harsh? Possibly. But if we have a responsibility to our children at all, it isn’t to keep force feeding them fairy stories til they’re 18 so that they’ll be totally unprepared when they are faced with real challenges. We do our kids no favors by shielding them from reality. If anything, we are doing damage by “protecting” them. The world will teach lessons we fail to instill, and society will be far less kind and nurturing in the process.

There are times when it really seems to me that the resurgence of groups like the Flat Earth Society and the oh-so-charming Fred Phelps & his Westboro Baptist Church (note the web address; can’t you just FEEL Jesus’ love?) signal a serious regression in the education of our kids. There exists such a back lash against fact and science…and for the life of me I can’t begin to understand why. Why are we so intent on keeping our children ignorant? Why is it necessary to ensure that our legacy to them is more superstition and fear? Can we really be so arrogant that we presume that doing so is in their best interest? That learning will in some way harm them?

The only other alternative I can come up with is that some people actively attempt to keep their kids from knowing more than they do; which is so vain and stupid that it boggles my mind to try to wrap itself around the idea. Every generation will learn more than the generation before it. That’s the way life works; it keeps our species moving forward. To attempt to stop that is to encourage our species to devolve.

With all our advances in science, we are past the primitive point where we can accept that the loud noises in the sky are the gods throwing down thunderbolts. The advent of the Hubble telescope, the beautiful images it has sent back and this scale model of our solar system & nearest stars that’s been circling the web for a year or so have shown us just how huge our universe truly is an how unlikely it is that some benevolent all knowing being is “watching over us.”

I do not pretend to have all the answers. Nor do I believe science has provided them all. Yet. It may be that we may someday find all the information we’re looking for. But I do know that if we insist on keeping science and learning from our children, it will only serve to delay that someday. We owe it to them as parents to encourage them to learn.

*I have no idea why this story is only now making the rounds; it’s just bizarre and outrageous enough that it should have been all over the place last year.

11 responses to “Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids.

  1. I would not argue against the basic premise of your post – that there are some people in education that do not belong there. However, how does the size of the universe negate or suggest that God does not exist? Quite the contrary, the size of the universe proclaims that if God does exist, that He is powerful beyond imagination.

    THE heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language Where their voice is not heard. [Psalm 19 1,2]

    If the universe is teaching man about the nature of God as this verse declares, then we can conclude the following about the God who created the universe.

    1. He is all powerful.
    2. He is all knowing.
    3. He is eternal.
    4 He is wonderful.

    The existence of God is self evident. It is man who denies the obvious and declares that the universe came into existance for no reason from absolutely nothing.

  2. Hi, Russ. Thanks for the comment.
    Actually, no, it isn’t self evident. If it was, I wouldn’t be asking for proof. And, I never said the universe came into being from nothing. YOU said that. Just because we don’t have the facts on where, why and how does not automatically imply “God did it.”

    Did you look at the pics of our solar system and stars? Where is god “looking down on us” from, exactly? Earth isn’t even visible from Arcturus.

    Space is a vacuum. There is no voice or song or sound heard in it. There can’t be. Speech requires oxygen.

    As to your bullet points: If he’s omniscient, we can’t have free will. If we have free will, he isn’t omniscient. QED.

  3. OMG! (That’s supposed to be ironic.)
    I just saw that Westboro Church site.
    Well, at least Sarah Palin has some friends!

  4. The problem here is taking the Bible word from word literal. The majority of scholars would tell you the book is made up of several various forms of literature, including myth. It seems crazy people would believe a printed work was literal and never-changed (because God wouldn’t allow it). But there is the belief. The problem is pushing this “belief” on children. When we talk about God in the heavens, it’s a metaphor; it’s poetic.

    For Russ: according to your points, God can’t be all good because there is evil the world. I think you and I both agree he is good. So he can’t be either all powerful or all knowing.

    As for leftcoastlibrul: I totally understand your frustration with right-wing conservative religions because it’s crazy not to have science exist or see the proof of fousils. But if you want an open dialogue, I suggest you not be so antagonistic. A lot of religious people were not surpirsed that the Hubble telescope didn’t show any pictures of God.

    Really, he’s invisible, duh? 🙂

  5. Space is a vacuum. There is no voice or song or sound heard in it…

    The verse does not say that there is a voice or a song in space. It says that the existence of the universe speaks to all men of every language on EARTH that God exists. It does not matter if you are Chinese or Japanese or Russian – All people of every language see the same heavens – the same creation that declares the glory of God.

    Neither does the verse say that “God is in the heavens”. It says that the heavens declare the glory of God. Look at it this way – if you saw an incredible mansion. Huge, with swimming pools and guards and every luxury you could imagine – you would atomically draw certain conclusions about the builder of such a place. The first thing that you would say would probably be, “man, that guy or girl must be RICH”.

    God EXPECTS you to use the same logical conclusions and thinking method concerning Him when you observe His creation. He expects you to come to certain conclusions concerning who He is by looking at what He has created.

    That is why the Bible insists that “man is without excuse” – because the existence of God –His glory, His power, etc is evidence by the creation of His hands.

  6. A cultural guide for the non believer

    Global warming society.

    The pyramids were really built by space ships and aliens, which we all know are creations of lucifer and Satan destroyed them and the pyramids because they didn’t stay away from earth because we are reflections of lucifer and may give them a disease like dreaming, which Satan has to take care of with a device that records what people see and hear because humans are reflections of lucifer. So, the aliens and the humans all died because Satan couldn’t control them all and lucifer’s creations were infected by the humans.

  7. Hi, faemom. Thanks for the comment.

    Indeed, too many take the bible as literal. I would probably be less antagonistic were I treated with the respect so many Christians feel is their right. Is there any reason I should continue to “turn the other cheek” when my beliefs are belittled and insulted?

    Please understand; I have no issue with those who disagree respectfully, and I have respect for them as well. But when they attempt to pass legislation to indoctrinate my children in beliefs instead of science…I have an issue.

    Hey, Kurt! I’m not sure Phred Phelps would approve of Sarah Palin. Women working in politics? Tch. She needs to remember her place.


    In 9 cases out of ten, I am able to find out exactly who built that house. The person who designed it isn’t an abstract. They’re real. They have substance and mass and displace gravity. Point to something and call it “god.” Give me a thing to look at, not just what you call “his works.” A thing is not evidence of a creator. A creator is evidence of a creator.

    Non believer! Don’t let the Thetans get you down, dude. 😛

  8. I agree, you can determine the builder of the house. However, that did not affect your reasoning process. You reasoned, “That person must be rich”. You did not reason, “That house must have evolved on its own”. However, when you look at the heavens, you CHANGE your reasoning process. If you know that your reasoning process is correct when evaluating the builder of the mansion, why change your reasoning process when looking at the evidence in the creation?

    The reason you change your reasoning process when looking at the heavens is not because your reasoning is defective and requires modification. The reason that your change your reasoning process it is because you do not like the results that the process yields. That is not science. That is rebellion. That is why the Bible insists that man is without excuse.

    For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse… [Rom 1:20]

    Therefore, is God unjust when He judges you?

  9. I would say that looking at a house and reasoning that the person who built it must be rich is actually faulty reasoning. Although it may be my first impression, Gorgeous mansion=/= rich builder. We need look no further than William Randolph Hearst and Hearst castle or (if you want a more recent analogy) the people in California who ended up building on credit they didn’t really have with money they couldn’t get.

    Likewise, looking at a world and automatically assuming it must have been made for us, rather than us adapting to it is equally faulty reasoning. It lacks factual input.

    I change my reasoning process when I receive factual, falsifiable data. That isn’t rebellion. It’s facts. It has nothing to do with whether or not I like the information. I don’t LIKE global warming. I don’t LIKE that the odds are good that at some point, the earth will once again be hit by a meteor. That doesn’t change the data. Facts are not changeable in the way faith is changeable.

    I am no more concerned about being judged by god than I am about being judged by Santa or the Easter Bunny.

  10. My point, simply stated, is that when you look at the mansion, you conclude that it was built by someone, with cash or borrowed money, and rightly so for no house has ever built itself. However, when you look at the universe, you change your reasoning. Even though you have never seen “something” come from “nothing” and you insist that the universe built itself from absolutely nothing. God says that this is rebellion. God says that while you are, “professing to be wise, you have become a fool”.

    Yet, even while men are in rebellion against God, God sent His Son to suffer in your place on the cross – to pay the price for your rebellion and sin. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life. God is not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved.

  11. Okay, no, that wasn’t your point. You said “The first thing that you would say would probably be, “man, that guy or girl must be RICH”.”

    Now that I’ve explained that my first reaction would be faulty reasoning, you’re moving the goal posts to: “when you look at the mansion, you conclude that it was built by someone, with cash or borrowed money, and rightly so for no house has ever built itself.” Which, aside from goal post drift, also has no basis for comparison against the universe. Houses are not natural constructs. Matter is generated through natural processes.

    There was a time when we thought the world was flat, that it was the center of creation and the sun rotated around it. It was a sin against god to say otherwise. We now know better, although it took the Catholic church til the 1970’s to acknowledge that Copernicus was right.

    There was a time when we thought that all animals were created separately from humans, and one man was sent to prison for daring to point out that we share DNA with primates. It was called a “sin against god.” Now we find that we share DNA with more animals that we could have previously imagined.

    And for the second time: I have not stated the universe was formed from nothing. Stop putting words in my mouth. I said “We don’t know. Yet. Just because we don’t have the answer doesn’t mean god did it.” Your book can call it whatever it wants; I don’t know. And unless you have some hard proof you can provide (and by proof, I mean scientifically proven hard evidence that is NOT the bible)… neither do you.

    One thing that seems to get discarded or forgotten during these discussions: by claiming himself to be Yeshua, the chosen one, Jesus of Nazareth was also predicting end times. That the world would end with his death and be reborn and everyone (at least, the Jews) would go to heaven while their enemies (read: EVERYONE else) would be struck down. So, yeah, he DID send his son to condemn the world. Except….it didn’t happen. Everything pretty much went on as usual; eventually a cult was started in his name and it grew. Sort of like Scientology. So, either Jesus was a religious zealot who got a boatload of things wrong, or he was lying. Or, option three….he never really existed.

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