John McCain whines about the Ebil Librul Media(tm)

In a statement earlier, the McCain campaign accused…you guessed it! … the liberal media of bias. Yes. I nearly fainted of shock myself. BBC news reports on the statement:

Ahead of the address, a written statement from senior campaign adviser Steve Schmidt said the “nonsense” over the vetting process for Mrs Palin should end.

“This vetting controversy is a faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee for vice president of the United States who has never been a part of the old boys’ network that has come to dominate the news establishment of this country,” the statement said.

Mr Schmidt said there would be “no further comment about our long and thorough process” in checking Mrs Palin.

Well….perhaps just a bit more, Mr. Schmidt. You go take your Lexapro. I’ll take over from here.

Gov. Palin has barely scratched the surface of withstanding a “media scandal.” Compared to the women she’s trying to emulate…Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton….she’s pretty much been handed the keys to the city. The firestorm is not coming from the mass media. It’s coming from the internet. From liberal bloggers (yes, like me) and alternative news sources. From Jon Stewart and NPR and journalists that usually don’t get much attention.

Mr. Schmidt, you should be a good enough student of human nature to know that the more you try to cover something up, the more people are going to want to know. Sure, some will come off as conspiracy theorists, but some will be asking rational questions. And those rational questions will persist until answered.

As it turns out, prior reports of the lack of vetting of the Republican VP candidate were in error. Not for lack of investigation on the mass media’s or blogosphere’s part; plenty of informational requests were made. No, the vetting process was kept intentionally quiet because of the company that did the actual vetting on behalf of John McCain.

The Council for National Policy is an ultra-right wing networking group formed by religious nutball Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind books and Christian extremist extraordinaire. Not only was Gov. Palin vetted by this group, she was found to be the perfect VP candidate. That’s right! Religion deciding on national policy. They just do it behind the scenes now, where they think we can’t find out about it.

The group’s committee is comprised of such members as Donald Paul Hodel, former president of the Christian Coalition and T Kenneth Cribb, Jr.; both men who believe creationism should not just be taught as a theory equal to evolution, but should supplant it.

Per the NY Times, the group is so secretive, one of their rules is that: “The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting.” No wonder these people want to legislate the internet to the point that people only see what the government thinks they should see. The Freedom of Information Act must make them twitch.

This, then, is the group that vetted Sarah Palin. A group that is not just religious, but ultra religious…in order to put forward a candidate who will forward their agenda. In a way, this is almost as bad as no vetting at all. And this is the woman that the Council for National Policy and John McCain are trying to pass off as a surrogate for disenfranchised Hillary Clinton voters. Everything that is the antithesis of the principles for which Hillary Clinton has fought. Can we now agree that, no matter what Sen. McCain’s ad says, no, it is NOT okay for Hillary voters to vote for him?


4 responses to “John McCain whines about the Ebil Librul Media(tm)

  1. it’s not a bias, it’s more of a religious congregation worshiping obama and the entailing crusade

    he should be open to the media’s sprituality, no?

  2. Tch. Such bitterness.

    The news media are not emotionally attached to anything but making a story, improving their ratings and their bottom lines. Obama has been making news. He improves ratings because people WANT to see him. John McCain hasn’t been doing a lot that’s been newsworthy. His entire platform has been about pointing out what he thinks Obama is doing wrong. Which is pretty much what Kerry was doing to Bush 4 years ago. At that time, it was fairly difficult to call the media “liberal,” since they were following the president around like a puppy.

    It was pointed out to me by the darling man (until recently, a Texas Republican) that John McCain is the Republican Party’s John Kerry. You don’t win elections by pointing and saying “I’m not him.” The only reason he got the nom in the first place was because everyone was absolutely certain that Hillary would be the Dem candidate. With that in place, the RNC could’ve nominated a turnip and won. Republicans love to hate Hillary so much, they would’ve turned out in DROVES to vote against her. Not FOR their candidate. Against her.

    As it turns out….them chickens got counted before they were even eggs, much less before they were hatched.

  3. Liberal press in the USA?
    A misnomer if ever I heard one – it is a ranting, incoherant, apoplectic and desperate anti-Palin diatribe without any other reason than to adulate Obama.
    I am a UK citizen and used to the heavy left bias in UK news including BBC, but the press in USA appear to be not ambulance chasers, but are trying to cause the accident to send the ambulances to.
    I believe in professional investigative journalism, we have a dying breed here in the UK, while the USA since Watergate has a good international reputation – so how come they have been taken over to promote this idolatry of Obama?
    Seems journalism in USA has reached new depths.

  4. Don’t watch a lot of Fox News, do you, Cassandrina?

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