The newest Palin Rumor

Going with my new “All Palin, All the time!” format, I have a Labor Day special.

The net is on fire with rumor. Yes, even more so than usual. The source of these rumors? Why, Sarah Palin’s youngest child, Trig. Aside from the obvious “who the hell names their kid Trig?” question, there appears to be some speculation behind the baby’s actual parentage. Not the father. The mother.

There are those who are convinced that Sarah Palin was never pregnant. Now… don’t get me wrong. I hesitate using the Daily Kos as a citation. I mean, it’s like a Republican poster pointing to the Drudge report and calling it reliable. Let me make it very clear: this is RUMOR AND SPECULATION.

But what interesting rumor and speculation it is. A little-known governor recently chosen as running mate to the most powerful position in our nation….possibly hiding her daughter’s pregnancy? Let’s look at what we actually know.

The picture taken for this article was snapped on Super Tuesday. In March. When Sarah Palin was seven months pregnant. This is a mother of four. As a registered nurse, it is my considered opinion that the woman in that photograph is not seven months pregnant. Her face shows no bloating, her hips have not widened as they generally do during the third trimester of a woman who has had more than one child. Her breasts are not swollen, and of course, THERE IS NO BABY BELLY! Don’t get me wrong…I’ve seen body builders who have a slight tummy when five or six months pregnant. Sarah Palin is no body builder.

Second: Sarah was in Dallas, TX for an energy dept. meeting of the Governors’ Association when, according to this article, she

“leaked some amniotic fluid and also felt some contractions that seemed different from the false labor she had been having for months.”

She then went on to STAY FOR THE ENTIRE DAY so she could give a speech. Afterward, she took a 12 hour flight from Dallas to Anchorage! This, in and of itself contains at least three points that people have either missed, or just shrugged off.

  1. Women delivering their fifth child do not just blow off leaking amniotic fluid and labor pains. Especially not when that child has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It’s early labor, and the baby may be in distress. You go to a hospital and make sure everything is okay.
  2. Women delivering their fifth child do not take well over 14 hours to deliver. If they do, it’s because something is wrong. At delivery #5, you’re lucky to have two hours between losing amniotic fluid and delivery. I’d be very interested to know how quick her previous three deliveries were.
  3. You do not get on a plane in your third trimester. I don’t care how tough you are. No. Shutup. You don’t get on a plane in your third trimester. It’s dangerous, and aside from YOUR lack of regard for your own health and that of your child, doctors discourage it. As do airlines.
  4. She passed TWO good, private hospitals on her way to DFW airport. A 44 year old, high risk woman delivering a Down Syndrome child opted to put herself and her baby in danger to make sure she delivered in Alaska? And her doctor ok’d it? Keep that man away from my uterus; he’s putting his patients in danger.

Perhaps the most damning peice of circumstantial evidence in this train wreck of a rumor is that Sarah’s 16 year old daughter Bristol missed somewhere between five and eight months of school prior to Trig’s birth. The reasoning behind this? Mononucleosis. Now….Mononucleosis can be serious. I have yet to hear of a case that actually lasted 5-8 months. And if it lasted that long….why was that child not hospitalized? And why did she not lose more weight? Why, in fact, did she GAIN weight?

Again. I do not think this has any bearing on whether or not Sarah Palin is ready to become VP of the United States (I don’t, but I’ve addressed that already).  What it DOES do, is question her credibility and honesty.  

3 responses to “The newest Palin Rumor

  1. I totally agree! She went to GREAT pains to create a very elaborate story about this child being hers…and now she claims to be BREAST FEEDING??? This almost sounds like we have a pathetic liar on our hands…VERY SCARY!! if she would do all of this for the child of her daughter that by the way says to her own daughter that she is ashamed of her for having this child in the first place! I feel really sorry for this girl…what kind of Mother is this Palin woman???

  2. Hi, Amey! Thanks for the comment.

    I feel for the girl, too, if the rumor is true. Aside from being ashamed of her child for getting pregnant….what kind of mother forces that child to have a Down’s Syndrome baby? Or for that matter, forces a child to live out their entire life with that disability?

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