Feminism, Republican style

Say what you will about John McCain’s splashy VP choice; she’s not the “safe” pick. While pundits and insiders were whispering names like Romney, Huckabee and Ridge, no one expected the little known, still wet behind the ears governor of Alaska,  Sarah Palin.

There are those among the punditry who are saying that it’s an effort to reach disenfranchised Hillary supporters. They’re right. Where they’re wrong is assuming it will work. Here’s why:

While I respect John McCain’s willingness to go for the unknown quantity in his pick, I have to wonder at his reasoning. His campaign has been hammering at Obama’s “lack of experience” since day one. So his choice of running mate surprised me, to say the least. Considering he’s 72 years old as of today, Sarah Palin taking over as president because of McCain’s death is a very real possibility, should they get elected. Does experience only matter if you’re elected POTUS, as opposed to inheriting the job?

Although she shows a very strong ethical track record (and I DO applaud that), she has had precisely 2 years experience as governor of a remote state with a population of 670,000 (smaller than some US cities) whose chief economic concern is….you guessed it! OIL! Add to this the lowest conviction rate and highest per capita rate of rapes of any US state, no foreign policy dealings, the fact that Sarah is firmly anti-choice, and her own rather shady history (see article), I have to wonder…. Does John McCain really believe that Hillary’s base is so stupid? That they’ll be taken in that easily? That any strong woman with a loud voice will do? If so, then Sen. Obama was precisely right last night. John McCain just doesn’t get it.

Women who voted for Hillary did so not just because she’s a woman (although  I won’t lie; for a lot of women it did factor in). Women who voted for Hill did so because Hillary shares their values. John McCain seems to be under the impression that any pair of x chromosomes in high heels fits that bill. Frankly, I’m insulted. And I encouraged the League of Women voters in an email to express to Mr. McCain just how condescending and out of touch his attitude toward women really is. The days of dangling something shiny in front of a woman to get her favor are long past. Mr. McCain, I’m embarrassed on your behalf.

18 responses to “Feminism, Republican style

  1. why I completely agree with you I am a conservative and if your liberal you should like this Mc Cain character he is a liberal.

  2. I’m so pissed off at McCain I could scream. This guy used to be a personal hero of mine. First he votes to let the CIA torture people, then this.

    To pass over strong, experienced women like Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Christie Todd Whitman in favor of Palin should be received as a slap in the face to every woman who wants to be taken seriously. He passed over Kay Bailey Hutchinson for a fucking BEAUTY QUEEN?

    I don’t care what your politics are, this is an insult to women. period.

  3. leftcoastlibrul

    McCain is a liberal like bald is a hair color.

  4. “Although she shows a very strong ethical track record (and I DO applaud that)”
    She’s being investigated – at this very moment – over the whole Mike Wooten/Walt Monegan scandal.
    If you applaud that kind of politician, please remove the word “Librul” from your title…

  5. leftcoastlibrul

    Hi, Bill, thanks for the comment;
    I thoroughly agree. Hell, I could’ve even accepted Hutchison.

    I think what happened to John McCain during the 2000 election was shameful. Sadly, what Karl Rove did broke him, and he’s never been the same man since. I didn’t always agree with him, but I used to respect him

  6. leftcoastlibrul

    Hi, 4Leslie, thanks for the comment.

    In this day and age, I can’t really think of one single politicians who DOESN’T have something in their closet. But yes, she’s been strong on ethics since she originally ran for office. Frankly, compared to Dick Cheney, she’s a girl scout. But then, compared to Cheney, isn’t everyone? Seriously, the main reason Palin won the gubernatorial race was due to her ethics platform. And when she won, she followed through, firing at least 40 government employes of her own party who were there basically taking up space thanks to her predecessor. The investigation, from what I can tell, is pretty much a lot of smoke, no gun. The independent she ran against started a rumor about her trying to strong arm someone into firing her brother in law. Thus far, it’s just rumor, but the state legislature is investigating it. I’m enough of a Democrat that I believe in innocent until proven guilty.

  7. On the investigation, it’s no rumor. they had tapes of her staff making the calls to the head of the state police, and also…. get ready for this…her Husband. The state senate report is supposed to be due out shortly before election day.

  8. Correct, Bill. And TWENTY of those phone calls came from Palin’s own office.

  9. leftcoastlibrul

    Did they? Then NPR had it wrong this afternoon. ~shrug~ If she did, then she should go down for it. The question is, are the Republicans going to care? And I think, looking at the last 8 years of graft, deceit and corruption, we have our answer.

  10. Thank you, that was my point.
    her actions and attitudes are waaay too close to those of, say, Dick Cheney.
    And that’s not the kind of change we need.

  11. leftcoastlibrul

    Agreed. On the other hand, I can’t get too angry about it, as it seems John McCain has shot himself in the foot with his choice. If the Republicans accept her, Joe Biden will chew her up and spit her out at the VP debates, and that’ll cause a plummet in confidence. If the Republicans DON’T accept her, then McCain has to withdraw his nom and pick someone else, and that’ll cause a plummet in confidence. Either way, a good thing for Obama/Biden.

  12. like bald is a hair color, lol. The onl liberal running is John McCain. Obama is not liberal he is a socialist. The questions is whether this country is ready for socialism. I don’t think so. There are too many democrats who do not like Obama and chances are the nes I’ve spoken to will be voting libertarian. I still hve not decided with whom I will be casting my vote. What I have decided is that it will not be McCain and especially not Obama. Barr or Keyes are far better leaders.

  13. The American people are ready for change and Governor Palin is going to shake up Washington on both sides of the isle!

  14. Hey, Beartracks. Hope you’re having a good holiday.

    One of the worst things that’s happened over the past 8 years is that what constitutes liberal or conservative has changed drastically. John McCain is somewhat centrist in his approach, but he is very conservative. The only difference is, he’s willing to reach across the aisle in order to get those policies passed. That doesn’t make him a liberal, it makes him an intelligent statesman. But looking at his voting record; he’s conservative. Just because Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh call him liberal, doesn’t make it true. To those morons, anyone left of Mussolini is either a socialist or a communist.

  15. anyone left of Mussolini is either a socialist or a communist. LOL
    I am neither a conservative nor liberal, democrat or republican for the most part I am apolitical. I have learned over the years that morality cannot be legistlated. Yes there are moral and immoral people who are conservative and democrat. Neither party represents the people, but their own idologies.
    I am not a Rush Limbaugh fan and I am not familiar Ann Coulter.

    I took a vacation day on Friday and I am having a great 4 day weekend to spend with my fmaily. I went golfing (a love/hate game) on Labor day. I love working four 10 hour days. With 8 hours for the holiday I’ll work two 11 hour days and be home for the week on early afternoon on Thursday with just 2 hours of paperwork to finish the week. I have a golf tournament on Friday, a great way to follow a long weeked.

    I trust you had a nice holiday yourself. Did you spend it with family?

  16. Let me correct myself about Ann Coulter, a CRS (can’t remember stuff) moment.

  17. Hey, Beartracks. We did, indeed have a lovely weekend, aside from waiting to see if any fallout from Gustav would hit Dallas (it didn’t). Was my in-laws’ 43rd anniversary, so I was up to my elbows in making potato salad.

    I agree that morality cannot and SHOULD NOT be legislated; I think we expect far more from our politicians than we are willing to show (morally) ourselves. Still puzzling that one myself.

  18. Wow, we agree on something. Amazing!

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