Jesus and Mary; it’s what’s for dinner!

Foodie that I am, after the whole Jesus Pancake/Mary Cheese sandwich thing, I have finally had enough. Food is not holy, people! It stretches even my cynicism to acknowlege that there is actually anyone out there credulous enough to pay nearly $30,00.00 for a toasted cheese sandwich with a pattern that looks more like Jean Harlow than “Mary, mother of god.”


virgin sandwich

virgin sandwich

Are we really this gullible? *sigh*….apparently so, as Jesus pancakes are hitting it big in the food industry as well:

what would jesus eat?

what would jesus eat?

Yes, yes, I get that these images have been appearing all over the world and people flock to it and get healed by touching it and believe….that’s part of the problem.

God is not appearing to you in your food! Even if he existed, wouldn’t he have a problem with that whole “graven images” thing? Or with a house wife using it for good luck when she gambles? Or that they’re selling these things on eBay for profit? And is anyone else utterly mystified that all this holy food activity is going on in Florida? I’ve been to Florida. Trust me. If there’s anything biblical going on down there, it’s more likely to be coming from “the happiest place on earth” than some suburban kitchen. St. John the Divine, Dante and Edgar Cayce combined couldn’t dream up half the lurid horrors that confront people in that hell hole on a daily basis. And people PAY to get in! I can only shake my head in wonderment.


One response to “Jesus and Mary; it’s what’s for dinner!

  1. My only problem with these apparitions is that Jesus hasn’t appeared on my food.

    I hope he does soon so I can pay my student loan!

    Dante was a dreamer alright…

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