Fox News reaches new low.

Racism and sexism all rolled into one! That’s right, in a move that can only be called breathtakingly stupid, Fox News actually put up the headline “

Outraged Liberals: ‘Stop Picking on Obama’s Baby Mama’

There simply aren’t words. Really. First we have Liz Trotta smirking that someone should “knock off Obama,” then there was the “terrorist fist jab” (really, that is my absolute favorite. Oh, you silly, silly white people. You couldn’t get any more racist without joining the KKK). Now Michelle Obama will heretofore be known on Fox News as Obama’s Baby Mama.”

Fox News has finally joined the ranks of the National Enquirer. It seems they’re aiming to come as close as possible to calling Obama an “uppity nigger” without using the actual words. The racism has become more and more rampant the closer the election gets.

6 responses to “Fox News reaches new low.

  1. Have you come to expect more from Fox News? No? Didn’t think so. Fox News is trying to get him in trouble, killed, or just out of the race however they can.

    End of.

  2. leftcoastlibrul

    It’s just astounding. What do they hope to accomplish? What scares me is that people actually take them seriously.

  3. “trouble, killed, or just out of the race”


    Also, got MSN/AIM? lol i liek u =D

  4. Obama is obviously using the race card because he has a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

    Think about it, black people want racism to exist because they can use it as an excuse for everything, and because blacks are the biggest beneficiaries if racism exists.

    How exactly would white people benefit from racism?

    … just imagine if there was a White History Month. I believe that Black History Month just causes more segregation and racism. it should be changed into American History Month.

    Blacks tend to be more racist because they can get away with it easier. They like to preach their 200 year old slave propaganda to take advantage of people.

    And remember it was Obama’s church and racist pastor for over 20 years who claimed “God DAMN America!!!”.

    Are you automatically racist if you disagree with a black person??

  5. Hi, Kerri. Thanks for stopping by.
    I’m not sure what your point was in posting that clip, other than to prove that Fox news is willing to find a racist black person just to show how hateful and ungrateful they are to us white people. I DO think that, like all races, there are some black people who are racist. I don’t think that any race is without racism. Hate transcends race. Kinda sad when you think about it.

    Hi, Jacob. Thanks for commenting.

    Let’s try focusing, shall we? I’m not talking about Barack Obama playing the race card; he didn’t force the people on Fox News to say what they said. It was sneering, condescending and racist. And every time they get called on it, they think they can say “oh, we were just kidding!” and that makes it okay. It doesn’t.

    Now you tell me. If you found out that Michelle Obama belonged to a radical separatist group that wanted to break away from the United States, wouldn’t you be angry about it? Wouldn’t you say NO ONE who’s married to someone like that should be in the White House? Good. Now tell me why it’s okay for Todd Palin to have belonged to a group in Alaska that called for Alaska to break away from the US. And then say it isn’t racist.

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