He doesn’t have enough experience!!

It’s about all the Republicans have in their arsenal against Barack Obama. Okay. Let’s discuss “lack of experience” as it applies to the job of President of the United States.

Job experience prior to becoming POTUS means precisely dick. Yes, I said it. It’s worthless. The only people who can arguably be said to have any experience are presidents running for re-election. Certain jobs simply cannot be guaged by previous experience. President is one of them, as are police officer, fire fighter, soldier and surgeon. Because until one is in that position, it’s impossible to predict what reactions, what decisions one will make.

Let’s see:

Bill Clinton had no experience as a Senator or Representative prior to being elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978.

George H.W. Bush had 4 years of experience as a Representative before being plunked on the ticket as vice-president in 1980.

Ronald Reagan had 8 years experience as governor of California prior to becoming President. I don’t believe he held an elected political position prior to becoming governor.

Jimmy Carter had 4 years experience as a governor of Georgia before becoming President.

Gerald Ford was a Representative for 24 years.

Let’s not forget our current president, whose years as governor of Texas led to the biggest presidential fail in modern history.

What executive experience has John McCain had? If “being governor” is the acid test, what was McCain governor of? Lack of executive experience applies to both candidates here, and to attempt to assert otherwise is to attempt to ignore certain rather important facts.

Let’s move on to the next issue, then. “He’s ELITIST!”

OMG! You mean….he can read? And believes in education? Look, call me silly, but I don’t care if he’s someone I can have a beer with or not. What I care about, and this may sound a bit arbitrary to you, is whether he understands the economy. If he understands foreign policy. Has ideas on how to fix our crumbling infrastructure, bring our troops home, and how to fix our national health care crisis. Maybe I’m elitist too, but I think those things are a hell of a lot more important than whether or not a candidate would be seen at an Applebee’s salad bar (when they get around to actually having them in their restaurants).

4 responses to “He doesn’t have enough experience!!

  1. Agreed! Good points on the elitism issue. Funny how people describe elitists as those “latte liberals” yet I find myself enjoying a fresh cup of home brewed coffee while boasting my registration as an “independent voter”. I agree though, whether you record is the most liberal or the most conservative, if you can implement policies for the betterment of America, you’re okay in my book!

  2. I have been thinking about these issues, so I’m glad you addressed them. I keep wondering how Obama would be perceived if he went to Columbia, was editor of Harvard law review, graduated Harvard law, worked in both corporate and organizing work, was elected to the senate, successfully ran and won the nomination…and he wasn’t black. It is a shame that people would condem this man for being bright. How about praising him for overcoming barriers every step of the way to get to where he is. Do people think for a minute he was editor of law review without people questioning his abilities and how he got into the school. I’m sure he has been and will continue to be under a level of scrutiny Mc Cain nor any other candidate has ever faced.

  3. leftcoastlibrul

    Gentlemen, thanks for the comments.

    I must admit to some surprise at the people who question Obama’s leadership abilities. The fact that he’s been able to shut down the Clinton political machine, with their contacts and fundraising ability, should be proof in and of itself of his leadership ability. The question should never have been “why can’t he put Hillary away?” The question to anyone with any perception was precisely the opposite.

    If Sen. Obama had as little substance as the smear campaigns have tried to convey… why has he lasted this long? Ron Paul had as much charisma, and an equally attractive message. He went down in flames. Gimmicks work in politics for so long. Especially with a voting public that’s as cynical as we now are.

  4. I agree with you entirely! I want a president who I know is smarter than me. The current president simply is not!! Simply said, I trust Obama to use good judgment, to surround himself with able advisors, and to listen to them when he needs to!

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