Indigenous tribe found near Brazil/Peru border

In an attempt to slow the decimation of the Amazonian rainforest, the Brazilian government found and photographed one of the last remaining indigenous tribes that has not yet been in contact with the outside world.

Amazonian tribe

It does make me wonder what they could possibly have thought of the helicopter and the person inside taking pictures…

4 responses to “Indigenous tribe found near Brazil/Peru border

  1. Sheila Broomfield

    These people need to be left alone. There is nothing they need from us. They have lived like this forever and don’t need to be “civilized” according to our standards. They don’t need the misery that comes with our war filled and economically unbalanced systems

  2. leftcoastlibrul

    Yes, but I think you miss the point. The Brazilian government is not looking to “civilize” the tribe. They are attempting to make the tribe’s existence known so that we (and others) stop destroying their habitat (the Amazonian Rainforest). It isn’t an attempt to make contact so much as it is a request to leave some land in which these tribes can thrive.

  3. I read this when it first came out. The problem with them exposing this tribe is that in the past, missionaries would seek these tribes out to “save” them. Often what they did was bring disease and despair to these tribes who of course are not exposed to or inoculated against the illnesses of civilization.

    Amazing, but I guess the missionaries would try and baptize these tribe members while they were lying on the death bed of disease wrought by the people proclaiming god would be their savior and salvation.

    Religion has a way of f*ing up everything. 😉

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